Coffee and Cellulite

Coffee and Cellulite Reduction

Coffee and Cellulite are often pictured as “mortal enemies” by many websites, YouTube Videos and cellulite Cream Companies. This made enough of an impression on me to start my own investigation, and here you can read the results.

After taking some time to research coffee grounds and cellulite reduction I’m ready to publish the results. The results are based on my own personal research and reflect what I have been able to find out after spending long days trying to find the truth.

You will find a large number of blogs and websites on the internet that will tell you how wonderful coffee and caffeine is for treating cellulite. You will also find that almost every single cellulite cream has some coffee or caffeine as an ingredient.

Some of these sites will also offer “proof” of how well coffee is for treating cellulite and how some “celebrities” have used it with great results.

WAIT! WAIT! Don’t rush out the door to buy your “bag of beans” just yet! You see… The problem is that it really doesn’t work that way.

According to these websites and YouTube Videos the anti-oxidant and diuretic effects of coffee will help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Coffee is supposed to accomplish this by “de-hydrating” the “fat cells” etc, etc… ad nauseam.

But guess what… It doesn’t work like that. Then again if it’s not true how can so many people swear by its success? Why do so many cellulite creams have coffee as an ingredient? Well that’s an easy one; HYPE MAKES SALES and people tend to follow (read buy) hype.

The real secret is not its diuretic or anti-oxidant properties, not at all. The real reason coffee seems to reduce cellulite is the way in which it is applied. Haven’t you noticed how ALL these websites and video’s show or tell you to rub or massage the coffee grounds in?

THAT’s the secret. The rubbing or massaging is what makes cellulite less noticeable. It has absolutely nothing to do with coffee, caffeine or any diuretic effects. You can take any good quality skin cream and rub or massage your skin for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day and get the same (or better if you put in some effort) results as when using coffee grounds.

Some skin types need different solutions and you may have one of those skin types that do not respond to cellulite creams. If you fall within this group you should take a look at my earlier post: get rid of my cellulite.

It’s not as simplistic as just “rubbing coffee grounds”, but the results are more long lasting and healthy for you in the long run. Cellulite treatment is not as complicated as some websites make it appear to be, all it takes is a little work on YOUR part.

And that’s where most people fail. It’s much easier to follow the hype and make yourself think there’s some magic formula “out there” that will make your cellulite disappear with a quick